Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Peek Under the Hood at 2.0

D-day is almost upon us. And as we head into the final stretch, and scramble to get the house ready for its newest tenant, the reality of 2.0's imminent arrival gets a little more real every day. Well, that and Ann's picture-perfect baby belly.

Since that first sonogram back in November, we've had two chances to see the little man—at 20 weeks to check gender and again at 36 weeks to see how he is developing. Turns out, he's getting downright ginormous. As of 36.5 weeks, he's already weighing in a 7+ pounds and there's every expectation he'll end up a big boy, just like his brother.

So while we wait to see the mini sir in living color (and out utero), enjoy some candid and grainy, sonogram images from inside Ann's belly:

Week 20. The little guy in cross-section.

Week 20. The proof is in the peeper.

Week 36. A head shot, blocked by his forearm. So we'll have to wait a few more weeks to see that winning mug.

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