Saturday, March 10, 2007

J.D. and Fleming Promote Hampden-Sydney

This spring, Hampden-Sydney College launched a recruitment mailing campaign that included J.D. Jordan and Fleming Patterson. The campaign focused on successful HSC graduates and the emphasized that you can do anything with a HSC degree.

The card, one a series, reads on the front:
When J.D. Jordan and Fleming Patterson opened their own graphic design firm, they had their sights set on more that just business.

with the caption:
J.D. Jordan '99 and Fleming Patterson '00 (in receding order), principals in the web-design and marketing firm Cloudjammer Studio, credit Hampden-Sydney with equipping them to take advantage of remarkable opportunities for professional and personal growth.

and on the inside, reads:
J.D. Jordan ’99 and R. Fleming Patterson ’00
Entrepreneurs, Creative Specialists, Educators, and Scholars
“Owning our own firm has allowed us to expand our horizons—horizons Hampden-Sydney first opened up,” J.D. Jordan says. “Our Hampden-Sydney education gave us the confidence to strike out on our own. With the critical thinking and communication skills we learned on the Hill, Fleming and I have gone back to school for higher degrees, broken into new fields, published articles in national magazines, and taught college courses—all while running our own fun and creative business.”
You can do anything with a degree from Hampden Sydney College

We're extremely excited to be promoting the Hill (especially since my recent graduate work has left me ill equipped to heap money upon the Alumni Fund). Visit HSC's website for more info.