Monday, November 10, 2008

Jack's Seven-Month Birthday at the Beach (oh, and Ann and JD's Fifth Anniversary, too)

At the end of October, Ann and JD went to Carillon Beach, near Panama City Beach, to celebrate their fifth anniversary ... so, of course, Jack came along and enjoyed his first trip to the beach. And while the weather was a little cooler than normal beach weather, most days were warm enough to enjoy the beach and the sunshine – even if the Gulf of Mexico was too cold for swimming.

We rented a fantastic gulf-front house in the Carillon Beach community and took full advantage of the neighborhood. Jack even got to try his hand at swimming a second time in one of the community's heated pools – he loved it. He also loved Savannah, Haley's little girl. By coincidence, we ran into Haley and her twins at the beach. And Jack took the opportunity to attack her, while screaming, on the beach house floor. But mostly we just enjoyed the porch, the sun, the quiet, and the company.

The big excitement of the trip came when Jack spat out his first word, the night before his 7-month birthday. And while that first "dada" may have been accidental, Jack quickly figured out that Ann and JD loved it. The weeks since have been cacophony of "dada" "da" "ada" and "daddy" utterances. A number of folks have tried to temper JD's excitement at having won the battle for Jack's first word (his campaign started when Jack was just a few days old). But in a war where the cards are stacked so heavily in Ann's favor – Jack is a little momma's boy, after all – JD will take any victory he can get.

Now we'll get to work on "ma" ... and "Mountain Dew."

October was a busy month of firsts for the lil' sir:
  • His first word! Da, of course
  • His first trip to the beach
  • His first green veggies – green beans
  • His first ride in a shopping cart child seat
  • His first time in a restaurant high chair
  • His first time riding on daddy's shoulders
  • His first destruction of property – his own book gummed to death and JD's necklace, ripped from around his neck
  • His first sleep over at JJ's – while Ann and JD went to the UGA-Vanderbilt game
  • His first banshee scream – loud enough to split your head right open...
In the days after we got back to Atlanta, Jack attended his first Election Night party. And while the seven adults present should've been paying attention to the returns, Jack's antics on the floor proved very distracting. And in case you're wondering, Jack supported Bob Barr – small babies for small government. :)

Enjoy some pics.

Jack looking out on the Gulf of Mexico

A before-and-after series of Jack in Ann's Corona cowgirl hat

Jack needs to work on his pickup lines

Jack, dressed for the cool weather and making a gang sign... westside!

A cute moment between mommy and Jack.
Moments later, he was grabbing her hair and cackling like a banshee.

Ann on the porch near sunset

Jack taking a walk down the beach on one of the cool days

Ann and Jack on the beach

JD and Jack playing on the beach on one of the warmer days

Jack's first ride on daddy's shoulders

The cutest baby on the beach