Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle!

After a failed attempt to do breakfast with Santa at Ann's church (we were only 24-hours late – just missed it) and a premature arrival at Northpoint Mall (we were only two hours early), we only had to wait 2+ hours to get Jack's first obligatory picture with Santa.

The "miracle" of this scenario was not that it took us three tries to get to Santa, but that Jack made it through all these attempts. The 'lil sir somehow got through five hours and a mile-long line of screaming children, exhausted parents, and obnoxiously caroling holiday installations without eating, pooping, crying, or fussing. In fact, he was downright cheerful – a great juxtaposition to JD's thousand-mile stare.

So Merry Christmas, damn it. Enjoy!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jack's Seven-Month Birthday at the Beach (oh, and Ann and JD's Fifth Anniversary, too)

At the end of October, Ann and JD went to Carillon Beach, near Panama City Beach, to celebrate their fifth anniversary ... so, of course, Jack came along and enjoyed his first trip to the beach. And while the weather was a little cooler than normal beach weather, most days were warm enough to enjoy the beach and the sunshine – even if the Gulf of Mexico was too cold for swimming.

We rented a fantastic gulf-front house in the Carillon Beach community and took full advantage of the neighborhood. Jack even got to try his hand at swimming a second time in one of the community's heated pools – he loved it. He also loved Savannah, Haley's little girl. By coincidence, we ran into Haley and her twins at the beach. And Jack took the opportunity to attack her, while screaming, on the beach house floor. But mostly we just enjoyed the porch, the sun, the quiet, and the company.

The big excitement of the trip came when Jack spat out his first word, the night before his 7-month birthday. And while that first "dada" may have been accidental, Jack quickly figured out that Ann and JD loved it. The weeks since have been cacophony of "dada" "da" "ada" and "daddy" utterances. A number of folks have tried to temper JD's excitement at having won the battle for Jack's first word (his campaign started when Jack was just a few days old). But in a war where the cards are stacked so heavily in Ann's favor – Jack is a little momma's boy, after all – JD will take any victory he can get.

Now we'll get to work on "ma" ... and "Mountain Dew."

October was a busy month of firsts for the lil' sir:
  • His first word! Da, of course
  • His first trip to the beach
  • His first green veggies – green beans
  • His first ride in a shopping cart child seat
  • His first time in a restaurant high chair
  • His first time riding on daddy's shoulders
  • His first destruction of property – his own book gummed to death and JD's necklace, ripped from around his neck
  • His first sleep over at JJ's – while Ann and JD went to the UGA-Vanderbilt game
  • His first banshee scream – loud enough to split your head right open...
In the days after we got back to Atlanta, Jack attended his first Election Night party. And while the seven adults present should've been paying attention to the returns, Jack's antics on the floor proved very distracting. And in case you're wondering, Jack supported Bob Barr – small babies for small government. :)

Enjoy some pics.

Jack looking out on the Gulf of Mexico

A before-and-after series of Jack in Ann's Corona cowgirl hat

Jack needs to work on his pickup lines

Jack, dressed for the cool weather and making a gang sign... westside!

A cute moment between mommy and Jack.
Moments later, he was grabbing her hair and cackling like a banshee.

Ann on the porch near sunset

Jack taking a walk down the beach on one of the cool days

Ann and Jack on the beach

JD and Jack playing on the beach on one of the warmer days

Jack's first ride on daddy's shoulders

The cutest baby on the beach

Monday, October 27, 2008

Jack's Six-Month Photoshoot

On October 14, Ann and I were fortunate enough to steal a spot in Alisha Robertson's schedule so that Jack could have a professional six-month photoshoot.

I really wanted a professional shoot to celebrate Jack's semi-annual. After all, what self-respecting art director doesn't take advantage of their rolodex when it comes to getting their own pictures taken. Luckily, I'd seen Alisha's work with a former colleague's daughter and knew just who to call.

The light at our house sucked, as usual (trees are great for shade – not so much for natural light and photography) so Alisha suggested we trek down to the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve. Jack was the consummate professional, never fussing during the hour-and-a-half session – not even when we stripped him down for the obligatory buff baby portion of the shoot.

Alisha was great with Jack – and us (both of whom are incredibly uncomfortable in front of the camera). The result: Great pictures of a charming little sir. There are even a few with Ann and me thrown in for good measure (and to make Jack look extra good).

View the entire slideshow of Alisha's photos of Jack...
Check out Alisha Robertson's posting about her shoot with Jack...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Jack Jordan Six Month Spectacular!

Jack's sixth month has been another eventful one. The 'lil sir has successfully – though not without some false starts – conquered rolling over. He's even translated this new skill into a strange means of getting from point A to point B – something he has demonstrated for JD and JJ multiple times but never once for his mother, much to her disappointment. And he appears to have figured out the basic concept behind crawling, even if he continues to lack the upper body strength to pull it off. In fact, he looks so close to crawling that Ann and JD are in a sudden panic to baby-proof the house.

But the biggest events for Jack this September were his trips to Albany and Knoxville – his first really long distance trips.

Early in the month, we traveled south to visit Ann's long-time friend Haley and her new twins, Savannah and Mason. It was Jack's first real opportunity to socialize with other babies. He took an immediate interest in the twins and even grabbed little Savannah's hand. But, best of all, it was Jack's first chance to go swimming. Sadly, it was also Jack's first chance to join a crying-baby chorus – a sound that haunts JD to this day.

Later in the month, we traveled north to Knoxville to visit JD and Ann's college friends Amy and Travis. Turns out they love babies – as evidenced by a weekend of photographs that include only one of Ann and another with JD's foot. But Jack did get to go to the Knoxville Greek festival – something he appreciated more, no doubt, a few days later when he was able to enjoy baklava-flavored milk.

But perhaps JD's favorite trip with Jack was an early morning adventure to find gas. At the height of September's fuel shortage (thanks, Sonny!), and with but a few spare fumes left in his tank, JD packed up Jack and went hunting for one of the few stations actually selling petrol at wallet-gouging rates. Why, ask you, would a father take his baby boy out with him in a car short of gas, with no certain destination at which to fuel up? Why risk getting stranded on the side of the road with an 6-month old? Sympathy. No one is going to slow down a pick up a thirty-something man with a gas can. But a thirty-something man with a crying baby.... now that's a different story...

So, some firsts (and lasts) from Jack's sixth month:
  • Long-distance trips!
  • Gas lines!
  • Swimming!
  • Rolling from one point to another (on purpose).
  • His last sit in the boppy bouncer – he's a little too heavy, and a lot too mobile, to keep using it. On to the swing!
  • His first presidential debate.
  • His first (plastic) and second (wooden) high chairs.
  • His first (Knoxville) and second (Atlanta) Greek festivals.
  • Opa!
And for those of you keeping score at home, Jack was measured in September at 18lbs, 6oz.

Enjoy some pics from Jack's sixth month:

Jack and his GrandMary greeting Ann after work

JD and Jack chillin' by the pool

Jack in his stylish pool attire

Jack and Savannah

Jack and Mason

Jack contemplates his thumb at the Knoxville Greek Festival

Like all rock stars, Jack ended the day on the floor covered in his own drool

Jack and Travis playing on the floor

Jack watching the McCain-Obama debate
We got a good laugh out of it, too

Jack and Ann playing on the floor

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Five Month's the Charm

August was a busy month for Jack. He found his feet, learned to love bottles of all varieties (thank you, Dr. Brown, Diet Mountain Dew and Sweetwater...), discovered that everything is better in his mouth, and isn't satisfied if he doesn't drool through three or four bibs a day. We also invented a great game – all new parents should try it. It's called the Drool on Mommy game. You can probably imagine how the game is played. And you can also probably imagine how much JD loves this game. Muhahahaha.

At of the end of Jack's fifth month, the kid weighs in at an impressive 17lb 4oz and measures a tremendous 28in. His enormity has given rise to a litany of new back pains for Ann, JD, and his granny-nanny. It has also given rise to a number of size-inspired nicknames including Jackzilla, Big Boy, Super Baby, Huge Monster Baby, and the Baby-Eating-Baby. Add these to our previous Jack Attack, Jack Jack, and 'Lil Sir, and we could go all day without ever calling him the same name twice.

Some of the big firsts from Jack's fifth month include:
  • His first high-five (thanks to Zac!)
  • His first purposeful rollover onto his belly (to play with a UGA football, of course)
  • His first toe suck – followed promptly by his first toe eye-poke
  • His first pilgrimage to Athens, Georgia where, much to JD's disappointment, none of the college girls found the presence of a baby the least bit interesting or attractive
  • His first outdoor festival – the Decatur Book Festival, complete with funnel cakes and a capoeira team
  • His first (and his second) little neighborhood friends – Karen and Greg's Jason and Patrick and Pam's Noah
  • And his first solid-food meal – some delicious rice cereal served a la Similac
One side-effect of Jack's introduction to solid-food is the transformation of his otherwise clear drool into a new soupy slime. JD had just come to grips with virgin drool – for those of you who've seen him deal with those first drooly episodes, perhaps you can appreciate the herculean effort this required. But this new cereal-based drool... it's just awful. Remember that scene in Ghostbusters? You know the one...

Ann has no sympathy.

Turns out we look a lot of pictures of the kid over the last month. Enjoy a selection of the best of Jack's fifth month:

Jack sleeping in the Northside Hospital waiting area
on the morning lil' Noah was born

Jack and JD napping after a busy day of air guitar and flying
(you'd be tired too if you spent all day with a baby
the size of a sack of potatoes. That wiggles.)

We're going to have trouble in a few years....

Jack and Ann playing, during his first trip to Athens

Zac teaching Jack how to high-five

Jack's first taste of solid food

...guess he liked it
(notice, the table is covered with a plastic trash bag.
Consider this advice for other parents)

Big John and 'lil Jack

Jack practicing to be a space captain in his JJ's ExerSaucer
(Don't bother me. I'm busy.)

JD and Jack at the Decatur Book Festival

Ann and Jack at the Decatur Book Festival

And, as ever, we saved the best for last...
The best lookin' kid in Roswell takes over Decatur