Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Peek Under The Hood

If you thought Ann was looking a little heavy lately ... well, it turns out that Ann isn't just eating a lot of pizza. She's pregnant!

The picture above is from our second sonogram session, taken in the 20th week of the pregnancy with junior weighing in at 12oz and enjoying a speedy 140/min heartrate. All fingers and toes (and heart chambers, lobes of the brain, stomachs, and assorted organs) accounted for.

It was a fairly surreal experience, clinically probing through junior's head and torso as he/she wiggled around in a spastic fashion reminiscent of J.D.'s waking thrashing about (and Ann's sleeping flailing). But we were glad to see junior thumb his/her nose in our direction (pictured above) – a gesture we promptly returned.

But while we wait for junior's inevitable eruption into the world (and wait for Ann to figure out how it's going to escape from her uterine prison) enjoy some candid, if sterile and grainy, sonogram images from inside Ann's belly: