Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's a Christmas Miracle!

After a failed attempt to do breakfast with Santa at Ann's church (we were only 24-hours late – just missed it) and a premature arrival at Northpoint Mall (we were only two hours early), we only had to wait 2+ hours to get Jack's first obligatory picture with Santa.

The "miracle" of this scenario was not that it took us three tries to get to Santa, but that Jack made it through all these attempts. The 'lil sir somehow got through five hours and a mile-long line of screaming children, exhausted parents, and obnoxiously caroling holiday installations without eating, pooping, crying, or fussing. In fact, he was downright cheerful – a great juxtaposition to JD's thousand-mile stare.

So Merry Christmas, damn it. Enjoy!

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