Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jack and the Early Motherhood Photo Project

On Monday, Jack's 4-week-anniversary, Jack was photographed for Marchet Butler's Early Motherhood Photo Project. Marchet's photojournalism project is a celebration of breastfeeding, early motherhood, and childhood featuring candid images taken in the models' homes.

Ann recently found out about the project through a friend who appeared in her own photoshoot alongside her own extremely well-named son, Jack. The shoot was casual and, as you can see by the pictures of Jack crying (what I like to call his "Irritable Baby Syndrome" – or IBS) the shoot was candid as well. Marchet came by the house and photographed mom and baby together in the backyard and around the house. Marchet admitted that Jack was the youngest baby to take part in her photography project to date. But we like to think that he was still old enough to ham it up a little for the camera (as he has done before).

In exchange for their participation in the project, Ann and Jack will receive a CD full of great candid shots like the ones shown here (and at Marchet's blog). So for those of you clamoring for more pictures of the irresistible Jack, rest assured that once we receive the pictures, we'll post a few more for your enjoyment.

Until then, check out six images of Ann and Jack at the Butler Family Photography blog...

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adgasdg said...

It's great to see the photos on your blog too. And thanks for the "plug" about my photography. Jack and Ann were great models.