Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Malcolm's Seven-Month Photoshoot

To celebrate the li'llest sir's 6-month-aversary, we reconnected with Alisha Robertson, a photographer we absolutely love who also shot Jack at the same age and again at one-year-old. And while we got pictures of Malcolm with his bother and his parents, of course, the focus was on the lil man, himself (who's not so little anymore!).

It still being winter, we shot in Alisha's Alpharetta studio. And, wow, did the li'llest sir turn on the charm! His big round face, his wonderful eyes, and that killer smile. What a li'l lady killer! He's changed so much in just the past few months, filling out from a (big) baby into a round, bouncy, happy little Jordan who just lights up when his big brother comes around. And, as ever, Alisha was wonderful working with the kids, capturing flickers of emotion and warmth that are so hard to get when working with kids this young.

But enough of me talking. Enjoy a sampling from the shoot.

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