Friday, October 1, 2010

Malcolm's Two-Month Photoshoot

In late August, on the eve of the new 'lil sir's two-month birthday, Ann and I reconnected with Marchet Butler (who shot Jack when he was just a month old) for a photoshoot of the new boy and the family.

So on a beautiful Saturday morning, we met Marchet at the Roswell City Hall to shoot the family both on and around the Roswell Cultural Arts Center and the Smith Plantation. It was great to work with Marchet again (well, for me it was the first time)—she's got a great way with the kids and did wonders to help keep Jack engaged throughout the 1.5 hour shoot. And as a reward, we got some fantastic pics of the littlest Jordan. We also got some priceless shots of Jack and the family, too.

Capturing such brief times in the little boys' lives is a strange thing, indeed. Looking back now, on the eve of Malcolm's three-month birthday, it's shocking just how much the little man has changed in one short month. And how much milk-weight the little butterball has packed on. At this age—perhaps at any—you blink and they've changed entirely. In this light, the value of Marchet's pics is incalculable.

Enjoy a sampling from the shoot.

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