Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Introducing Malcolm!

Ann and I are thrilled to announce that Tuesday afternoon, July 6, at 2:25pm, Ann gave birth to Malcolm Alexander Jordan at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. Malcolm weighed in at a hefty 9lbs 4oz (even heavier than his brother!) and measured a lengthy 21in.

Like with Jack, Malcolm camped out and took his sweet time getting us to the hospital. Ann was due back on July 2 and many symptoms pointed to his imminent arrival in late June. But when her due date came and went, we found ourselves preparing for a repeat induction. But that's where the similarities end—where Jack's delivery lasted better than 2 hours, Malcolm's barely made it five minutes. In three contractions' time, the boy was out!

Now, folks have asked us where the name comes from. Well, since Jack took the names of his dad and both his grandfathers (and both his great-grandfathers and at least one great-great-grandfather) we had to go back to the source. We asked the grandmothers to comb their ancestry research for the cream of the historical lineage. Malcolm, a Scottish, Catholic name taken from from JD's French-Canadian heritage (how's that for a heady heredity) rose to the top. And Alexander? Well, sometimes, if you want your son to conquer the world, you gotta give him a conqueror's name.

So say "Hello," Malcolm. There's a great big world waiting to meet you.

We've posted pictures of Malcolm before (at our 6 and 9 week sonograms and, again, at our 20 and 36 week scans) but here are a few from today's excitement:

Ann meets her new boy for the first time

Malcolm, up close and fussy

Malcolm meets his daddy

JD, Malcolm, and Ann moments after the baby's birth

Malcolm's first bath

Sportin' his body builder pose

Relaxing with mommy

Jack meets his 'lil brother

And plays with his favorite unkie

Malcolm gettin' his sleep on


Unknown said...

Jack and Malcolm are precious. I know you are proud of both of them.

Jan Rusin

Suzanne Allen said...

Good morning, my "family,"
We are so happy to hear that Malcom has safely arrived. Congratulations to each and every generation! Hugs to all, Great Aunt Sue

Julie said...

Congratulations JD, Ann and Jack! Welcome precious Malcolm!
We are thrilled for you all.

Ryan, Julie, Ella and Grace