Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Three Month's The Charm

Jack's third month has been an eventful one – but, above all else, pretty enjoyable. While he is still a lot of work, both of us are having a blast with the kid. Seriously. The court is still out on other people's kids, but we've decided that ours is pretty awesome.

A couple of notable things from Jack's third month:
  • One terrible word: Drool.
  • One wonderful word: Sleep.
  • Jack less resembles a bobble head every day.
  • The boy has discovered his voice. And not his crying voice.
  • He likes chillin', propped up in his boppy.
  • Jack can hold a rattle. He doesn't know why this makes us so happy, or what he's supposed to do with it, but he can hold it.
  • He started day care with his granny nanny, Jill (JJ to him).
  • A few poo-related incidents. We don't like to talk about those...
  • JD no longer has a perfect "batting average" for diaper changes without incident.
  • And, of course, he's gotten huge. 15lbs, 6oz at the end of June. Needless to say, the infant inserts have come flying out of the car seat and bouncer.
But the most important event in lil' Jack's third month was his christening. This is notable for two very important reasons: 1) Ann didn't have to twist JD's arm at all (well, much), and 2) for two weeks Jack was the youngest baptized Catholic in Roswell. He was baptized June 1 at St. Andrew Catholic Church, where Ann attends. We were overwhelmed by the great turnout and we are grateful for the pictures Mary's friend Laurie and JD's dad John took while in attendance.

Enjoy some pics of the baptism and the boy.

JD's grandmother Val, Jack, and JD before the baptism

The baptism

Three generations of Kitchens: Glen, Jack, Ann, Mary, and Ed

Four generations of Jordans: John, Jill, Val (seated), JD, and Jack

And, of course, a bunch of obligatory pictures of the Jack Attack:

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Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures! Jack has the most wonderful smiles! I always get a chuckle out of JD's commentary.