Monday, July 7, 2008

Jack's First Vacation

This July 4th weekend, Ann, JD, and Sparky took Jack on his first official vacation – a three-day trip to the north Georgia mountains near Blue Ridge. We stayed at a great cabin about fifteen minutes outside of town and adjacent to the Benton MacKaye trail. We took the kid into town for a 4th of July lunch (and, to Ann's dismay, the biggest raspberry-cheesecake ice cream waffle cone JD ever ate), during which JD amazed the locals and tourists by both bottle feeding the kid and changing him.

While we had a good time in town and on the trail, we went north for the scenery and the quiet. The cabin was pleasantly isolated, so we spent most of the time with our noses buried in books or with Jack – exactly what we wanted. And for the kid's part, he seemed to enjoy the attention and all the new sights.

Of course, we got some great pictures of the new family and its current star, the lil' sir. Enjoy!

Jack, thinkin' hard about that thumb.

Ann and Jack on July 4th

Ann carrying Jack up and down the mountain. Turns out the combination of Jack+JD+baby-carrier = an enormous amount of heat.

JD and Sparky were there, too (despite the copious photo-record of Ann and lil' Jack)

Ann, paying close attention to her wiggly ward

The Jack Attack

Jack and Ann, relaxing in the cabin

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