Monday, June 9, 2008

Just Like Every Friday Night In Athens...

Breaking away for a moment from the flood of Jack-related postings, we turn to another of our passions. Actually, two of them: History and drinking.

Derek Waters, of Derek and Simon: The Show, recently posted a series of three (well, two and a half, technically) episodes of Drunk History. For us, these video's combine the familiar and the famous. The familiar is the parade of drunken historians prattling on about American history – a situation Ann and I saw repeated week after week at the UGA history department happy hours in Athens. The famous? Well, that's Jack Black, Michael Cera, and others acting out these drunken lessons.

The result? Comic genius. You might even learn something about Alexander Hamilton (in his awesome Chuck Taylors) and Ben Franklin (with the worst skull wig you'll ever see). If I were teaching right now, you can bet these video would make their way into my lessons.


Drunk History vol. 1, Featuring Michael Cera
Mark Gagliardi drank a bottle of Scotch. .. and then discussed Alexander Hamilton's Duel with Aaron Burr

Drunk History vol. 2, Featuring Jack Black
A Benjamin Franklin expert reveals his controversial theory about the discovery of electricity

Drunk History vol. 2.5, Featuring Jack Black
Later that night Eric Falconer drank more vodka and discussed Franklin's ... appetites

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