Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Destination Graduation!

This past Saturday I got to strap on the tassel and emory board one more time (this time, with a hood!) and graduate from the University of Georgia with a Master of Arts in History. My focus was on US-Middle Eastern history since 1945 with a special emphasis on the Carter-era Iran hostage crisis and the media.

I've been splitting my time between Athens and Atlanta (and the Deptartment of History and the late Cloudjammer Studio) for two years. And while I wouldn't trade it for the world, I'm glad to have feet firmly planted at home in Roswell with a wife who'll have to get used to having me around again. For the dog's part? I think he could care less.

The graudation was Saturday afternoon at Stegman Collisium. And in what some (Ed) have dubbed a prophetic act, when we emerged from Collisium there was a disastrous thunderstorm going on. So while the undergrads were earlier in the day blessed with good weather for their photoshoots under the arches, my family and I were reduced to cowering under the feeble shelter of Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation from the afternoon rain.

I'll miss LeConte Hall, and my windowless office (room 118, if anyone want's to make a pilgrimage), the motley assortment of graduate students I've worked with, and even some of the undergrads I've taught. Hopefully I leave UGA a little wiser (certainly, a little grayer).

Thus endeth my sabbatical from adulthood. Back to the workforce with me! Now if only I can find a non military application for my design/history/arabic skillset...

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